Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still Fighting it

You can count me into the burnt out club.  I will not pay membership fee and won't allow hazing so you forget about it.  We went from good to mediocre with our first kill of the Lich King.  People have quit, some people have cut their raiding in half.  Logging on twice a week to raid is burden they simply cannot handle.  We are taking the very long approach to finishing Heroic ICC and I don't see it working.

It isn't something our guild leader can control.  He can't make people care or want to play.  It appears raiding whenever folks are in the mood and dragging this out forever is way more fun than just sucking it up and finishing it.  We had our last raid canceled which could be seen as motivation for a rage post.  That isn't a rage post.

The only thing I can control here is me.  That and the thoughts of people who read this blog, you will somehow assist me in clearing heroic ICC, you will. . .  Anyway I have to decide how much it means to me to do this stuff.  I am only playing at this point to finish icc and ulduar hard modes.  I'm not sure if that is going to happen or not at this point.

The first solution is to pay one of the top 25 man guilds to take me on a heroic icc 10 clear.  I have 20,000 gold which should probably get the job done, I don't care if I get any gear.  It's not like my gear isn't good enough for leveling.  I don't want to spend the gold or get it that way, but I'm wouldn't be carried I can heal or dps those fights.

Second is something I can't control, it would be to find people in the guild or out if needed to finish.  People who will sign up and play if they can.  Not hoping that people who are tired of playing feel like coming.  If these people aren't having fun playing and aren't motivated to finish then find people who are.  I know that sounds mean to some of you out there, but I'm mean, right?  I'm not saying doing this would be easy and without new and exciting problems.  Just experiencing new folks learning Sindi and the Lich King was plenty of evidence for me.  Honestly, we may not even be able to find enough people to do this if we tried.

With the ever growing buff in there it shouldn't be very hard for a geared group to handle this.  Aside from learning the fights which hopefully would be minimal.   A side note I find I hate the buff.  Who cares what I do with my gems and enchants if my dps is being buffed 15%?  The number I see when I dps is over inflated and means nothing really.  It has sucked the fun out of min/maxing (whatever fun that was) and trying to improve my play to see better dps.

So, say all that to say I'm not sure what I am going to do.  I don't see any of my "solutions" happening.  I'll probably just log in for raids and hope I'm not missing out on something in real life to come home and not raid.  I'll keep fighting the urge to give up as long is there is any hope.  So this where I say our guild leader is doing a great job and I have no problem with him or anyone in the guild.  I mean it by the way.  This is just the way things are and I doubt anyone is loving it.  We could get a full group and blast through some heroic content on Monday, or I could have a lot of time for Mario Brothers Wii.  That's all.


Ellevis said...

I'll have a solution by monday and we will be raiding monday night. Hopefully I won't have to cancel anymore.

Blue said...

Sorry, I have come down with a horrible head cold/sore throat that is freaking horrible. I took some medicine and crashed last night, sleeping past raid time. Sorry. Hopefully I will end up being full speed by the end of the weekend.

Lakini said...

I know I come of little angry in the post, I'm not. Things come up and people miss raids.

Salt said...

The New Super Mario Brothers on the Wii is a lot of fun, though. My two kids and I play as a "team", which usually ends like this:

"Dad, we're gonna bubble now, so you can do the hard part."

Lakini said...

My son quickly caught on to the "bubble" and have dad beat the level. I shoot him down when possible.