Saturday, July 03, 2010

Adult ADD

If I had the power to rename my guild that would be it.  If you had been there for our attempts at Ruby Sanctum, I think you'd be on board.  So you think I'm throwing my guild under the bus of failure, no silly rabbit, no.

It seems if there is more than two things to pay attention to it's going to be trouble.  Every fight we have come up against that is high in coordination and paying attention we struggle with.  DPS tests are easy, fights that require tons of healing are no problem, fights were people have to watch for debuffs or notice giant meteors over their heads are going to take a while.

I'm sure you're wondering what a pinnacle of perfection like myself is doing in such a guild.  I fit in just fine.  I am completely incapable of listening through an explanation of a new fight.  Can't do it, after about thirty seconds my mind is elsewhere.  I watched a kill video hoping it would compensate for that for rs, it didn't.  From now on I'm going to try reading about the fight before doing it.  I used to this for bc, but most of wotlk has been so easy that I got out of the habit.

Next I have these people I call children.  They love asking me questions while I'm raiding.  The very first time I got a debuff you need to run from the group with my six year old son asked me if I could clean my dishes from dinner.  I turned to him and let him know his request was ill timed and otherwise unwelcome.  I then put a giant ring of death on our group and we died.

I have a solution, it's called adderall.  This will help everyone calm down and pay attention.  Our guild leader being in Canada should have no problem getting enough for all of us in the states.  Soon we'll be killing every raid boss in sight, even those where we can't just stare at our raid frames or mash our buttons faster for max dps.  That's all, and you like it.

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