Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's been nearly two weeks since I quit, I feel like I'm in detox.  I logged in to give Blue lead of the 2's team we had and I didn't like it.  I liked saying hello to the guys and making a few sarcastic comments in guild chat, but I wanted to get offline as soon as possible.

I really hope to make wow a game I play casually at some point.  I have tried to scale back how much I play in the past with limited success.  I was playing a lot less when I quit than I used to, it still took up 95% of my kidless, wifeless free time.  I have shows I recorded a year ago  on my dvr, I never had time to watch them because of wow. 

Getting home five minutes before a raid and needing to make dinner for my kids is not a relaxing and enjoyable thing.   I was driven to keep doing it because I wanted achievements and a drake.  I find it odd that players seem to think that purple gear is progression.  Epic gear is hardly epic, everyone has it, I really think a chimp could get a full set.

Anyway, I have put some thought into how I would return if I did.  I have my doubts about returning to my guild.  I do not see how I could possibly come back and not end up raiding seriously again.  I like them, I like raiding, they will be raiding.  I hate raids and such not working because I cannot or do not want to go.

I have Nintendo Wii and bought Super Mario Bros Wii a couple of months ago.  I play it when I feel like it and when I don't, I don't.  There is no push to play everyday for my two badges or daily battleground.  I spent every night this last week volunteering at church.  Mario was just fine with me not playing Monday through Thursday.

I would love to play wow the same way.  Cataclysm looks pretty awesome for this.  Going back to 31 talent points and having a level 10 character have the feel of the spec you choose is genius.   I could see myself leveling different toons and doing the occasional random/raid on my druid.  Perfect for passing the time on the weekend.  If I could do that there would be some balance that has been lacking.

Can I resist being asked to join a raid or the urge to run a random everyday?  I have real trouble not helping people if I can.  I have got myself into plenty trouble helping someone when I should have logged an hour earlier.  This post seems more disjointed than usual, I should take a writing class, or maybe some adderall.  That's all. 


Ellevis said...

In all honesty Lakini I am fine with you just raiding whenever you feel like it or not at all. If we don't have enough and you don't want to raid I don't care ( I know you might feel the need to help out). We've played together for a long time now and just having you around to do rated BGs and stuff would be great.

I love the new talent tree design and philosophy they have as well. I think it is a much better system overall.

So come back for Cataclysm, raid if / when you want. BG if / when you want, log in if / when you want :)

Ofn said...

Obviously, I have been clueless about WOW stuff and guild goings-on lately since here it is July 20 and I've only just read your last 2 posts, of which the oldest one was written 12 days ago.

However, these last 2 posts are resonating with me quite strongly. I found myself nodding my head several times while reading them. I really should write my own blog post about my thoughts and feelings about the game, but I have, so far, been unmotivated to do so.

So, I just want to say that, I really identify with what you're saying, and I hope you'll work it out to some place that's satisfactory to you. I have enjoyed raiding with you and getting to know you somewhat through the game. I don't really know what the future holds for my own involvement in the game, but hopefully I'll see you around once in a while. I won't be deleting my blog, though that may not mean much if I don't write anything. But at least it could be a way to stay in touch.

Blue said...

What ellevis said. Miss ya.

Ellevis said...

Not sure how much of this will matter to you, but I believe your WoW account is being hacked right now :(