Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My PVP Cataclysm Goals

1.  Battleground Achievements

     It would be nice to at least get the achievements I did before the achievement system was put in.  I'm not sure how I got exalted with in AV only winning 11 times.  I'm not worried about the ones that require luck or killing 10 people at every base, just the ones that actually help the team win.

2.  Rated Battlegrounds

     I'm hoping the guild will be able to put together a group that is able to compete at high level.  What that means I 'm not sure yet.  The main objective is really just to be doing these on a weekly basis at some point.  

3.  Arenas

     I'm not sure what my goal is here.  If something works out that is fun that's great.  If it doesn't, I'd at least like to get some points if rated bgs aren't going on.

There you have it, three goals.  Those might be the worst goals ever.  That's all.

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