Monday, February 21, 2011

Life at Level 85

Well it has been nearly two weeks since I hit 85 and it has been interesting. My idea of being casual is working well. I have been able to log in and find something to do without getting frustrated. With the exception of the stupid long by queues if you are in group of four or more for bgs.

PVE has gone better than expected as far what I have got done. While the content is harder getting gear was easier.  In my first week I did five heroics in four days, and none since.  Bad timing and not reading guild chat has cost me there.  I made it into a raid last Thursday and got a weapon.  The couple of bosses we did seemed fairly easy as far as the mechanics go.

The guild has only one boss down other than Tol Barad boss.  The guild as a whole is more casual than it was in Wrath, which is bad timing.  We should have been casual for the easy expansion.  I don't have much to say other than that on the state of the guilds raiding.  I only went on one raid and I was more worried about my rotation and where my innervate button went than what other people were doing.

Healing is not all the same, which I do not appreciate.   My attempts to be more casual do not mesh well with the healing changes.  Wrath of the LIch King taught me that I should heal all the time and that mana was infinite.  Cataclysm is pretty much the opposite, thanks for nothing.  I mean, I think it's a change for the better, but after two years of spam spam spam, is hard to change.

PVP hasn't gone as well, I'm behind the gearing curve and moonkins are still at a disadvantage against most.  I'm optimistic that once I get some gear and some experience with my new abilities as well the ones other classes have gained I'll be fine.  It doesn't look like there is a ton of interest in rated bgs right now.  I'm torn on whether to pursue getting on an arena team, other than the one with Blue's level 80 priest.  I haven't decided if arenas are something I want to spend my time doing seriously, but playing some games would greatly improve my pvp gear.

As far as alts go I always wanted two.  Due to the faction change I ended up with just my death knight for Wrath.  I have started leveling my stupid mage, which is stupid because it is a blood elf male.  I'm too cheap to for a faction change, and the thing was already level 41 so no turning back.  So I figure that I'll keep alchemy and jewelcrafting on my druid and enchanting on my dk.  My mage has herbalism and inscriptions, once he level 83 or so I'll switch from herbalism to mining on the dk and I will be happy.

Also thought I should point out that my journey to Heroic Grim Batol had five wipes (or six) all of them were my fault, which is record for me, I think.  That's all.

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