Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Level 85 Ganks my Gold

So now that I'm level 85 I'm not nearly is wealthy as I used to be.  Not being prepared at all for a new expansion and having jewelcrafting without mining doesn't help either.  Thanks to my sons fever I had a bit of extra time to play and level yesterday.  After which I started doing research, which I used to love, which now is fairly boring to me.  It is far less boring than flying to quartermasters and seeing what gear to buy and much nicer than guessing wrong on how to gem.

After much flying and buying I got my item level high enough that I'm allowed in heroics, which I haven't had time to try yet.  Then there is this thing called reforging that is new and exciting.  This guy switches some stats around for you and takes your money.  So I asked the internet what stats I need and I was pretty far below the hit cap.  I then reforged every piece of gear I could to add spirit (spirit = hit for properly specced moonkins) or hit and got within .29 of the hit cap.

I cut a good chunk of mastery with a little haste and crit, which I am already questioning.  I was at the hit cap for heroics, so my dps for those just took a major hit.  What I get in return is increased dps against raid bosses and some mana regen.  I'm not real sure how useful that is going to be since I'm not a part of raid group.  It'll be great if I can pug that new Wintergrasp like boss, whoever that is.

I suppose heroics and getting smashed in bgs is in my immediate future, with guildmates as much as possible.  I just need some mod so I can watch my dots and I need to figure out this wild mushroom thing.  I have abandoned the healing gig for now.  I'm much better at dps than I am at healing and it's confusing not looking like a giant walking owl or tree while I play.  It throws me off, that's all.

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