Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My PVE Cataclysm Goals

I thought I should have some kind of goals for this expansion, I did for the last one and they kind of worked out.   I'm going to list the goals I had for Wrath and see how they compare to my goals now.

1. Complete every 10 man raid.

This goal is the same as it was for Wrath.

2. Progress at a better than average pace.

This one is out.  I hope the guild moves at this pace, but for me personally it doesn't matter.  I want to complete the content anything beyond that is great but not important.  I don't have the time or drive anymore to worry about it.  Doing hardmodes and getting raid achievements is something I would like to do but is not something I'm worried about.  

So I only had two PVE goals for Wrath I have a couple more for Cata.

2.  Quest achievements

I'd like to pick these up, I can fly anywhere and with questing improvements this doesn't sound horrible or painful.  I have always enjoyed the story behind wow and doing the quests is a great way to be a part of it.

3.  Level alts

This is something I hurried through in Wrath.  I leveled my rogue to 80 and discovered I didn't want to pvp with him and never used him again.  The only reason I leveled my dk was to have an alt for professions without paying $30.00 to switch the rogue to horde.  I have made a night elf druid and worgen mage on a pve server just for leveling.  I'll eventually make a goblin on aos so I can see those starting zones.  I have no endgame plans with any of these, I doubt any of them would make it to 85, though I would like to have a third level 85 for professions.

So you can see I have gone a little casual.  I still want to raid, it's the most fun thing you can do in this game in my opinion.  It's just the not only thing anymore, that's all.

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