Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Giant Post of Genius

So I pretty much haven't posted at all since the server and faction switch.  I have been playing catch up since I got back and that has eaten my blog time.  The thing is I want three 80+ alts for professions and to change the professions on my druid.  Not wanting to spend $220 for transfers I only moved the druid and transfered my hunter.  Here is a vague review of what I have been up to.

Raiding once a week I have been able to gear up well and are now two bosses from clearing all raid content in this tier.  I have also successfully avoided caring about how quickly I get valor points.  My only complaint is the horrid drop rate of leather with int on it.

I am back in my familiar role of healing if needed dps otherwise.  I feel like I have a handle on healing, now that I think about about I haven't researched anything beyond on how to spec.  Maybe I am doing it wrong, it hasn't been wrong enough to give us trouble so it must not be that wrong.

When it comes to dps, I feel like I'm not the powerhouse of incredible fury and dominance I once was.  I mean, I used to make rogues cry, and reroll.  Now I hope to not get 5th out of 5 dps.  My gear isn't an issue, it is as good or better than the other folks in the group.  I know I still haven't totally adjusted to the changes that have been made.  I still occasionally forget to use Starsurge and to refresh my dots when I should.  Maybe my dps is about where it should be, research might help with finding that out.

The world of PVP has been okay I guess.  Rated battlegrounds are what I hoped for, I just haven't been able to many of them.  The ones I have done have put my MMR over 2k, which would be bad if I went with a trade chat pug.  Arenas are arenas, I feel confident in my healing abilities, but my efforts have basically been for points and with different comps every week.  Which is fine, I should be able to do a steady 3's team next season.  Regular bgs are to the point where 3 or 4 of us can smash folks and we win most of the time, which is nice.

As I said before I am trying to get my alts and professions in order.  I hit level 85 Friday night on my hunter, mainly so the guild could get the Classy Draenei achievement.  Level 84 is fine for farming leather and ore.  I have my shaman at 44 and priest and 22, with all the heirlooms the hardest part leveling is keeping the professions.  I went from level 15 to 21 on my priest doing three instances the other night.

My plan is to have leather working and enchanting on my druid.  There is no real benefit to having jewel crafting on a main character and alchemy benefits other than the epic trinket aren't that great.  If your raid group has one making a cauldron and guild perks you just end with a four hour flask instead of a two or three hour one.

Our raid group currently only has one enchanter and one another person has it on his alt tank.  That has made for many vendored boss drops.  Having leather working would enable to get those deelys for crafting instead of passing on them and I would be able me to make gear for my hunter and shaman.  Of course this not only costs time but gold and there is legendary staff calling my name that will require much gold if I am to get it.  I am not sure of what getting the staff entails but I know lots of gold is part of it.

Maybe I'll blog more often, or less, or the same, or something else, that's all.

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