Monday, June 27, 2011


As you may have heard patch 4.2 is coming out tomorrow, which means among many things that a new tier of raiding and new arena / rated bg seasons are coming.  I will not be around for this, until the weekend anyway.  Went of out town last weekend and will be helping at my church's vacation bible school all week.  Anyway this seemed like a good time to make a blog post about my various adventures and complaints.

We came up one boss short in pve, Nefarion.  The fight itself is easy in my opinion, as long as you don't mess something up.  Miss an interrupt or face a boss the wrong way and your probably dead.  Getting phase 3 down has been tough because we tend to find a way to wipe before we get there.  Patch 4.2 will nerf this and every other non heroic raid fight by a lot so we should get this next time we try.

Arenas have been up pretty good.  I have played a two specs and a few comps, it would have been nice to play Lock, Shaman, Druid since it was apparently awesome, but that didn't work out.  We ended up with balance druid, frost mage and holy paladin.  I thought we did alright considering I'm not that good and they weren't that well geared.  I did feel like I improved as the season went on, hopefully next season I'll "get it".  Of course the changes being made to balance druids will require me to change how I play, which is fine.  I wasn't real attached to sunfire spam.  

Rated battlegrounds were the most fun thing I have done so far this expansion.  Reminds me of the bgs teams I would play with back in vanilla wow.  I ended up going 14-5 with 888 rating and around 2300 mmr.  My frustration is not being able to play more games.  I'm not sure what you do to get guild invites to rated bgs.  I appear to be doing it wrong most of the time.  This is in fact my inspriration for cancelling my account for a week or so.  One night of being on for three hours while rbgs were going on and never getting in pissed me off.  The theory with me is when I don't play for a bit I remember that how many raid bosses I kill, the gear I wear and such doesn't mean anything in real life isn't that big deal.  

It worked for raiding, in the past not getting Nef before the 4.2 nerf would have really pissed me off.  I may have drawn some pictures to show how not fail.  Having people still unable to figure out how to avoid tornadoes in phase one on Al' akir would have caused my head to explode.  Now I don't think it's a big deal that we'll kill Nef post nerf.  If we were going to do Al' akir again I probably would draw some showing how to avoid the tornado with wind burst though (for fun mostly, I tempted to do it anyway).

Also, leveling enchanting from 375 to 425 is stupid and not fun.  Leveling leatherworking from 375 to 425 is really easy (assuming you can skin).  I hate Shadowmoon Valley, how long it takes to get to Dalaran, and frost dks.  I'll be back Friday night, when mods will hopefully be fixed and being passed over for rbgs for 3 hours will be like wiping on raid boss for three hours, not my favorite, but not a big deal.  That's all.

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