Friday, July 08, 2011

Time to be the bad guy again

I thought these posts were behind me, it's been quite a while since I have raided with people who gem spell pen or people who put +resist gems in their prismatic slots.  Bad news is I need to, good news is I really excel at them, so here we go.  The following is a message to the raid team I am part of.  It will be filled the various insults and offensive language I never use, until now.  The entire blog post could really be summed up by this, Hey guys why don't we try raiding without our heads up our asses?  That would be your head NOT up your ass.  It will be easier to do your job and probably be easier to breathe.

You are all big boys and girls so you can handle this, in fact you will soon remember this blog post as the beginning of us not sucking anymore.  Remember when we used to be good, remember when we cleared heroic content?  We went from being first five on 10 man achievements on our server to wiping for hours on bosses that aren't very hard.  How did this happen?  I'll start this with me.

As you may remember I quit last summer.  I didn't come back until the end of January, six weeks after Cata came out.  My plan was to be an alternate raider, while the raid team went on as did in Wrath.  I thought I could go along for the ride, do decent dps avoid fire and do encounters the group had on farm.  It's obvious that hasn't happened.

I never really got into any kind of dps rhythm, I never felt comfortable on the boss fights.  I swapped between healing and dpsing, I raided once a week and my dps was not good.  Even once I geared got my dps was still not up to par.  My dps rotation changed from Wrath and I was so worried about boss mechanics I was screwing it up pretty much anytime a boss did anything special.  When it wasn't I was forgetting to use Starsurge and letting my dots fall off.  In wrath I didn't have starsurge and dots were something to cast when your were moving because their damage was fairly pitiful.

During my little break I took last week I realized that I wasn't having fun playing the level I was at in pve or pvp.  I did some research and decided I would watch videos on raid encounters.  I figured that if I knew the mechanics before I started I would be more comfortable.  It paid off in the raids I did this week,  I wasn't as good I as want to be but I was able to keep dots on three targets provided they were in range and keep my rotation going better than I have been.

We are better than the results we are getting, way better.  So are you guys fine with this?  Is wiping on bosses for hours what you were hoping for?  My guess is you know what isn't working for you and you know why aren't playing at the level you were in Wrath.  I have no desire to be hardcore or really care if we are clearing heroic raids, but wiping all night on bosses that pugs kill is ridiculous.  So, lets all at together remove our heads from our asses (you should probably wash your hair) and start killing bosses again.  That's all.


Ted said...

Do we run logs anymore? It might be helpful to start running them again so we can see what's going on.

Lakini said...