Monday, June 09, 2008

Heroic Times

I got online on Friday looking for the ability to turn into a pretty bird that flies fast. I started asking around to fill the group, I knew of 2 others that were going. Little did I know that already had the others lined up. I had apologize to the folks I had got to help, they understood.

We took no cc, we didn't need it. We didn't have any wipes due to fear or mind control. For dps we had me, Bluetide (elemental shaman) and Amraz (former guildie and fury warrior). I had trouble with aggro, since Tonk was tanking as many as 4 mobs he couldn't build threat as quickly on the dps target even with salv this meant I had to hold back, if I do ZA on Wednesday I'll have to respec. After we killed the guy for my quest we decided to wipe a couple of times before killing Ikis. My wife came home just after we finished so I was out for the night.

Saturday we did a couple more heroics, after guild pvp night. I was in for three rounds in Alterac Valley. We stomped all over the horde, if that was the way av was normally I'd do that all day. When I got the tell asking me if wanted to go I got asked I felt like healing, I was fine with that.

First was the heroic Blood Furnace, which I had never done before and was the daily. It was nice to try a new (for me) heroic. I found healing this to be quite easy, when my modem wasn't shutting off that is. That pull they did while I was disconnected didn't go well. We were about to do a aoe pull when I let them know I was going to aoe. Which they didn't believe until they saw me in moonkin form throwing down mad hurricane dps. Tonk and I died, but it was fun. As far healing went I just did what I would do I was a tree, I just needed to add regrowth at the beginning. I had 270 mp5 or so so adding that wasn't draining the mana supply.

After that we did heroic Steamvaults another one I haven't done before. I still had the quest there for TK attunement and a quest to kill some mobs in there I got in Shat. I disconnected a couple of times at the beginning and was sad. We didn't have much trouble with the place, we wiped on the last boss once. I think there was some failing going on when it came to killing the tanks to stop him from enraging. Just one more quest and I'll be on the Mag part for the attunement for Tk, though I doubt I'll ever see that guy again.

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