Saturday, October 11, 2008

My post on the Customer Service wow forums;jsessionid=036EE3154FB19A173D870D75CC78587D.app11_08?topicId=10972071852&sid=1

I may or may not continue to post on this thread. I put up with a lot crap at my two jobs involving customer service where we eat costs and such to keep people happy. Blizzard does not, they don't do anything. I have real trouble giving my money to company that doesn't value my business.

My account expires 11/08, I guess I have about a month to decide if want to put up subpar customer service because I enjoy the game and the people I play with.


Belagren said...

I'm sorry, but this comes off as overly whiny.

Seems like you got pretty good customer service. The next post on your thread is from a customer service rep. They posted a response again within a short amount of time. Seems like good response time to me. But you didnt like that they said, and im paraphrasing "No"

Lets go through this:
Did a bug or other odd game mechanic issue hamper you from getting your title? No.

Was there any ambiguity in the process? Get quest, complete quest, turn in quest get reward.. seems simple to me.. so thats another No.

Did you meet the requirements to fulfill the quest? No.

Now knowing all that you want them to grant you a title because you simply "forgot" to go get the quest again?

Sorry.. I think they made the right call.

Remember.. the oft cliched phrase "The customer is alway right" does not apply to the one, it applies to the many.

Lakini said...

Ooh. . a mystery poster. Made a new blogger name to respond.

Feel free to disagree with me, or call me whiny, I don't mind.

Ferth said...

it was bacon!

Blue said...

Bacon .. you sneaky devil!

Bacon said...

That's too elegant for my typing. I'm actually sympathetic to Lakini's cause on this one. After seeing what some of the things Blizzard will bend over backwards for, I felt that Lakini might get a break on this one.

Bacon said...

P.S. At least you're generating new posters. I get one comment every 5 weeks.