Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lakini's Expansion PVE Goals

I thought I would list my pve goals for the expansion. Hopefully I won't look back at this and be pissed.

1. Complete every 10 man raid.

Pretty simple.

2. Progress at better than average pace.

The way Blizzard designed early raiding and the way we raided made for snail like progression. Being able to do any raid as a 10 man and easing up on the entry level raids should help without the guild changing much. No need to recruit and gear up a bunch of people, many of whom would be bad and leave the guild after getting some welfare epics.

This isn't about when we start raiding, it's about how fast we progress once we start. Some people (me) will level quickly and well get through some do heroics and when enough get to 80 we can start raiding right then. Naxx is supposed to be pretty easy so I'm confident that we get 10 we can start downing bosses.

What is a better than average pace? Clearing raids before most guilds, I don't have an exact number. The main thing I would like is to avoid long gaps before downing new content, no two months between progression kills.

3. Raid with people who know how to play their class and optimize their gear and know what gear is best for them.

No noobs please, they hurt my head. I don't see this as being much of a problem this time around. I don't think many people still in the guild have any patience for that either. I have heard people say the impending expansion killed our raiding. I think it was players who didn't listen and prepare for raids that did in our raiding. If we were consistently doing well in our 25 mans we would have kept going.

That's about it, I mean I'd like to complete a tier set. I only ended up with one piece of tier 4 on Lakini. Though if we meet my first three goals I'd be fine running around in my birthday suit. That's all.


Ferth said...

Some fairly high might speculate that you're looking for a pretty hardcore raiding experience this time around. A long way we've come since the old days I suppose.

Personally I've got no kind of timeline, though I agree the set backs we had in BC were definitely annoying.

I also don't care so much about "noobs" as long as they are good people, who's company I enjoy, and who are willing to take suggestions (I enjoy helping people).

I guess I agree with #1, I too would like to see all the 10 man raids, and while I could care less at what pace other guilds are progressing, I too would like to at least see a new boss every few weeks at least. I tend to disagree with #3, A lot of people in our guild were noobs at one time, and with our help (and with work on their own end), are now very good at what they do.

I think we're all a little more hardcore this time around, now that we've all experienced what it's like to be stuck at max level, and doing end game things.

Lakini said...

I don't think steady progression and bringing skilled players is hardcore. I'll gladly do something easy with someone who doesn't have time to figure out how to play or is too busy saving up for there epic mounts to buy an enchant. I just don't want to struggle through raids with them.

Ferth said...

If high progression pace expectations, and a skill selected playerbase isn't hardcore, then what is?

All I can if sameth were to read this, she'd assume you'd rather not group with her, that may not be the message you're trying to send, but some people will take it that way.

Blue said...

I agree with almost every bit of this.

I was not in heroes or even on Altar of Storms for probably the majority of the Heroes Inc. raiding experience. I did get to experience the first full clear of all T4 content with you guys. And from what I saw, lakini is dead right. The lack of preparation from the raid as a whole definitely seemed to be the major downfall to 25 mans. Its not easy. Its very difficult to maintain high standards with 25 people ( a downright experiment in torture for 40 mans), but with the 10 man situation, its going to be a much more rewarding experience seeing as many of the "non prepared" issues will be fewer and farther between since the guild has solidified its base.

Lakini said...

If I'm vague people may assume I don't want to play with them, if I am specific I'm calling out people.

When I say steady progression I mean not choosing to send lesser geared people to struggle through content we can already do rather than pushing forward.