Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lakini's Expansion PVP Goals

This is a much more complicated venture than pve, that's pretty cut and dry for me. Pvp is a nightmare for me. I'm going to be a rogue at first for sure, because it's the best option for me at the moment.

Arena, getting on teams with a good comp would be a good goal. I doubt it, who doesn't have rogue they are going to pvp with at 80? Anybody? I've had this rogue for two and a half years and I can't find a good spot for him. Pve is out of the question and arenas, no one needs a rogue, they already have one.

So, reroll something? Priest seems to be the best choice for me. Healing isn't popular in pvp and disc priests seem to be the best overall pvp healers. I hate leveling though, and aren't going to be doing that anytime soon.

Honestly, I have zero hope for anything over 1650 or so in arenas this time around. So here are my goals.

1. Get on a 5 vs 5 team.

Looks like there may be some guild 5's teams set up which would be nice. This means more points basically.

2. Be well geared enough to stand my ground in bgs.

Players who are better than me are gaining a significant gear advantage, not good. Most players won't have this gear though, so I think I'll be fine. I just don't want to be a free hk.

That's all at this point. I'd love to push a high rating and all that, but I just don't see that happening. You need to find a good comp, with skilled players who can play when you can. I just can't see that happening, I'd be happy to be wrong.

Down the road at some point I will level something else for pvp with the next expansion in mind. This seems like a bit of QQ post, that isn't the intent. Pve is my main focus so if I can't be highly successful in pvp I can live with that. I'm setting the bar high for pve and setting it pretty low for pvp. Honestly if we clear all 10 man content and I never get one piece of rated pvp gear I'll be plenty happy. That's all.


Ferth said...

What about the druid..having a second resto spec for PvP? Could a PvP specced resto druid function as a secondary healing spec for raiding as well? In BC it was certainly reasonable (only a few talents difference).

I can't argue with the lack of healers in PvP, its' got me a little worried too, lots of DPS this time around in PvP.

Blue said...

I will be going resto for pvp.

Lakini said...

I hated resto in pvp, switching from balance to resto at the beginning of season 3 was a huge mistake. I have thought of using Lakini for pvp as balance but that would be expensive.