Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No WOW for you

With only two or three more quests to complete to have my 24 ready (I will never drop the Mag quest again) for turn in on Thursday, I had no plans to be online today. So when I got home and my internet connection was down, I didn't really care (normally I would be full of rage). So I spent my afternoon finishing up a video of my kids, you know, reconnecting video files, designing dvd menus and putting in little buttons and such. I mean I didn't spend thousands of dollars on this computer to play wow. Onec you used Final Cut Pro the other fancy programs going back to iMovie doesn't work.

Much later in the evening the internet connection was back up. I checked wowinsider.com and read the servers were still offline. They're still down right now, this really couldn't have worked out better for me, sucks for you though (probably). That's all.


Alex said...

Damn you and your excellent timing! I've been wanting to play for hours lol.

Ferth said...

hey, that's 25 quests you could have turned in for gold!

Am I the only one that's not a big hurry to get to 80?

Lakini said...

I'll hurry to 80 with Lakini, I'll take in the joy of leveling on horde heavy pvp server with my other toons.