Monday, November 17, 2008

So the Expansion is out

Well, I just hit level 73 and I'm going to get around to blogging. No point in blogging before today anyway, anyone who might read this was busy.

Things I have gotten done

1. Cleared 130 quests in Borean Tundra.

2. Cleared Nexus and Utgarde Keep.

3. Leveled JC to 400+

4. Killed the same Death Knight 3 times (he kept trying to gank me, he sucked)

5. Drove tank in Strand of the Ancients

6. Made a Death knight and didn't level it.

So, I have gotten the impression that most of my guildmates are in a hurry to be level 80. I can't keep up when playing much than I normally do and leveling pretty much 100% of the time. Screw this, it's sucking the fun out.

I think the pace is pushed by folks who don't like leveling and those who fear not getting one the 15 raid spots in the guild. I won't comment more on the raid team thing until more details come out. I won't be more specific on my adventures for now either, I'll get more in depth when I feel like it. That won't be for a while, you don't have time to read anymore anyway, you should be leveling.


Blue said...

Just seems like people are making much ado about nothing when it comes to levelling progress. I just don't understand what the big deal is about it.

Ferth said...

argh, I've written up two explanations, and deleted them both, for fear of hurting feelings.

I guess I'll just say that you'd probably see the "big deal" a little better if you were bringing up the rear, and not leading the charge, and maybe that's even rude.

Blue said...

Well, I am not taking it rude. But basically, in the whole grand scheme of things, what am I? Two weeks ahead? Thats not alot of time.

Its not like I have been on people to level or anything of that sort. But it feels like people are looking at me and maybe donk in a bad light just because we busted it out to 80. I am probably just being over-sensitive to comments some make. Also, I must level my warrior in order to level my production professions on 'Tide. So I wanted plenty of time to knock that out.

As far as the comment about levelling to "secure" a raid spot, that has no real implications for me. I consider all of you my friends and hope that you feel likewise. If I am unable to raid with Heroes, I will be dissapointed of course, and probably have to move on..but I do not see that happening as we are all similarly skilled and enjoy each others company..anywho.. rant off.. sorry if I caused any drama or anything..not intended.

Ferth said...

How far you are ahead, depends on when you stop/slow down. If you stop right now, you're 3 weeks ahead of sameth. If you run all the level 70 instances, and get your gear from those, you're pushing it back further, into heroics, wrap those up, further still, you get the idea. I know sameth's the extreme case (read: slowest levelling person in the guild), but being locked in with her, that's my case too :)

Blue said...

I would say heroics are at least one more week away, possibly more or less depending on who in the guild is 80 and ready to try them.

I am currently working on professions, so that will take up a large part of my playtime for at least another week or more really.