Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Well, in my last post I was going to do something better than what I did.  I'm not sure what exactly that was, which means I'm off to a bad start here as well.  That's okay, because I say it is, mostly.

So I have done a couple of instances, hearing that crowd control would now be in vogue and not knowing anything about these places I have gone healer.  It's a little unnerving having no idea what bosses do and not having real raid frames.

My first instance was with Honorshammer the retired blogger.  He is a hunter now, which means he isn't really Honorshammer anymore, which does not really need to be said but I did anyway.  After much flying around, getting the deserter buff because we ended up getting a Wrath heroic first, and watching tv, we did Blackrock something.  It seemed pretty easy, Honors was the only who died and it was his fault.  I got some new gear, it's blue colored rather than purple.

Then I tried Throne of Tides, the first boss was dead already.  So they killed the first boss and the healer vanished, not a situation I like in a place I don't know.  The instance went by quick and without a hitch.  I healed a lot and turned a very tall tree at one point.  I'll have to read the tooltip to find out exactly what's going on with that.

So far leveling is pretty great, not feeling any pressure to level is nice.  I'm about one third of the way through level 82 and just hit 81 on my dk.  I'm pondering switching my rogue to horde for amusement and professions, they want $30, no wonder I leveled a dk rather than transfer him before.  I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing at level 85.  As long as I'm going it alone, I'll stick with healing and gear that way.  Raiding isn't on my radar at all right now.  Which is fine, there is plenty to keep me entertained at 85, for a bit anyway.  I'm also looking forward to leveling in the redone zones.  I'm tired of this post, that's all.

Remember everyone, there are no subliminal messages or hints being dropped here.  All my messages superliminal, in case you forgot.

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Bacon said...

I love your posts. Direct to the point and hits the highlights. Honors should know better than to die, silly hunter.